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Long Distance

From Anywhere to Anywhere!

We facilitate moves to or from the Greater Montreal Area within Quebec City to Ontario. We consider any move that starts or ends more then 100 kilometers from Montreal to be a long-distance move. Pricing for these moves is based on an hourly rate for loading the contents onto the truck and then offloading at the destination plus a flat rate charge for travel time. The travel charge is based on the distance between locations and depends on the size of the crew and truck. This charge covers the cost of getting the crew to the job, travel between locations, fuel, kilometers, hotel stays, meal allowances and returning to the office at the end of the job. Charging for travel time in this manner allows customers to better predict the cost of the move as bad weather conditions, accidents, detours, and other delays will not affect the cost.


Our courteous movers will expertly pack you in one day and move you on another day for long distance moves. However, depending on the size of the move, how well prepared you are and the distance you are travelling, we can also complete the move in one day. Some larger moves will take more than two days.

What to expect on your long distance move 

What happen the day before the move?

As with local moves, the day before your move, you’ll receive a text confirmation from dispatch. In the hour leading up to the move, dispatch will send a group text linking you, the driver and the foreman via which you can all communicate during the course of the move.

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What happens on day one of the move?

Dispatch will text you upon arrival of the crew, and will continue to text throughout the moving process to make sure everything is going well and to smooth out any wrinkles. After the crew has arrived and parked the truck, the foreman will come to your apartment/home to complete the paperwork, which is essentially comprised of clocking in and confirming your valuation choice. Next, the crew will prep the building as necessary, checking for pre-existing damage to the building, the apartment and your belongings. After getting supplies from truck, we will pack, disassemble and wrap as required before loading boxes, then furniture, onto the truck. Just before we head to the overnight storage at Extra Space, we will check to ensure that everything to be moved has been loaded, and there is no damage.

What happens on day two?

Bright and early, the truck will depart Greater Montreal.  At the new location, we will prep the building as necessary, while checking for pre-existing damages. After unloading furniture and boxes, we will unwrap furniture and re-assemble, position and unpack as required. Lastly, we will clean up and ask you to check the truck to ensure that everything has been unloaded before settling up and heading back to Montreal.

Our moving company will guarantee affordable and reliable local and long distance moving services in Greater Montreal and beyond

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