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Packing & Assembly

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Packing of furniture and other items – it is a necessity, because in order to keep them safe and sound, it is necessary to protect them from mechanical or physical damage. Accuracy of the packer and the quality of packaging material depends on the safety of transported property. Be sure to pack a glass or mirrored piece of furniture, office equipment, crockery and other fragile items. In this paper, we use special packing materials such as cardboard packaging, air bubble wrap, packing paper, stretch film and adhesive tape, wardrobe, etc. Packing things our staff is the maximum quality, but it quickly. Each box is labeled in strict accordance with relevant regulations and your wishes.

  • Our movers are so thorough that you’ll need to tell them what NOT to pack – by default, everything would be wrapped and packed to perfection

  • If your moving day is approaching and you see that you are out of time, don’t worry – we’ll pack what you don’t have time to pack

  • if you’re limited in time and willing to do other things like hire professional movers and packers – we can guarantee that nothing will be lost or broken because it will be professionally labeled and packed.

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I hate packing! I really, really can't stand the stress, it leaves me agitated, confused and wound up.


Assembly & Disassembly

Assembly & disasembly
 The man is assembling the furniture at

Disassembly / assembly of furniture one of the most important conditions for the preservation of your property when transported.Specialists of our moving company paying particular attention to this process. In order to best organize and implement this complex process, we need a lot of experience and professional approach.

Office or residential moving, always accompanied by a process of assembling and disassembling furniture. Our company offers professional services for assembly and disassembly of office and home furniture, in conjunction with the organization of the move, and as a separate service.

Our staff will disassemble and pack the necessary things when you move. Our company performs work on the assembly / disassembly of furniture with great responsibility, because it is a very complicated process. We know the specifics of how the raw materials out of which made your furniture and related accessories. Our professionals gently and carefully disassemble your furniture, label it, gather all the fasteners, attach them to the main parts (doors, walls) of the cabinets, sofas, etc

Our moving company will guarantee affordable and reliable local and long distance moving services in Greater Montreal and beyond

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