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Craning & Hoisting

How Can Craning & Hoisting Help You in Your Move?

Sometimes larger pieces you need to move in Montreal, Quebec City, simply can’t fit in small spaces or through tight stairways and craning & hoisting is necessary for the move.
Hosting is basically a human crane. If an item doesn’t fit into a given space, it can be brought in through a balcony or window. Usually, a minimum of three movers is needed to safely conduct this. Two movers are responsible for lowering or raising the piece and one mover is responsible for helping to guide the piece away from any obstacles.
Craning: If a piece is too heavy, such as a piano, or it just can’t safely be hoisted, then a crane can be used. Depending on access to the street, a police detail or permit will be needed. Special training in rigging and prepping is necessary to become proficient in moving pieces of any size.
Craning & hoisting are delicate procedures that shouldn’t be attempted by anyone other than professional movers.


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