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Craning & Hoisting 

Doesn't Fit?

Moving has to contend with a lot of tight stairways and small spaces.  The practical reality is that sometimes larger pieces simply will not fit, and therefore hoisting and/or craning is required.


“Hoisting” or “hand-hoisting” is basically a human crane.  When an item  doesn't fit into a given space, it can be brought in or out through a window or over a balcony. Normally a minimum of 3 movers is required to safely conduct a hand-hoist.  Two movers will be in charge of  raising or lowering the piece, and one mover with a “tether strap” will be responsible to safely guide the piece away from any obstacles. Keep in mind, this is a delicate procedure that requires significant training and should NEVER be attempted except by a professional mover.


If a piece is too heavy, too big(a piano) or cannot be safely hoisted, a crane will be required.  Depending on the access of your street and high wire detail is usually required.  Special training in prepping and rigging is necessary in order to become proficient in craning pieces of any size.

Loading of large furniture through the w

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