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Furniture Disposal

How to Go about Proper Furniture Disposal

Whether you are getting new furniture or moving it can be hard to know what to do about furniture disposal. You likely can’t just throw it out on the curb and expect for waste management to haul it off.
First, find out if your waste management and trash company does accept oversized items such as furniture. Many don’t and it’s going to vary depending on where you live. Some waste management companies will do a pick up of large items for a fee. If you are replacing the furniture with new stuff, sometimes you can get the delivery people to haul away the old item for no extra charge or a small fee. You can also list the item online, even if it’s old and gross. You can be surprised what people will pick up, especially if it is free.
Likely the best option for furniture disposal is by working with a company that will pick it up and haul it off for you.

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