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Packing Company

What to Expect When Working with a Packing Company

Hiring a packing company for your move in Montreal, Quebec City, can take a lot of the stress off of you.
A packing company will normally start with protecting the home and the floors. Then they bring in packing materials inside the home and will split into different rooms. Packers will usually not mark individual items on the boxes but identify which room of the house the box comes from.
Good packers will be trained to wrap and protect the items. This doesn’t mean that items won’t be broken but the chances of items breaking are slimmer when working with a packing company. You do need to be present for the packing. However, children or pets shouldn’t be around since this can slow down the job. Packers will pack what they find so it’s best before the arrival to make sure all trash and items you don’t want to move have been removed from the home.

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