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Piano Disposal Company

When to Hire a Piano Disposal Company

If you have a piano in Montreal, Quebec City, that you no longer need for whatever reason, you will need a piano disposal company. There are various types of pianos that all require different techniques to remove. Depending on the condition of the piano, it could be removed all in one piece. However, if it is too large or bulky, removing it by yourself can be stressful so a piano disposal company is needed.
Removal of pianos will take a concerted effort and does require some pre-planning. Even when you are getting rid of it, there are several factors to consider when removing such a big piece. It’s important that measurements are taken of the piano, stairways, and stairwells in order to identify a route. This will ensure that there isn’t any damage to the property. Professionals will also provide protective cloths and dollies to take this a step further and make sure that your piano is safely removed.

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