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Specialty Moving

Working with a Specialty Moving Company

In order to move specialty pieces in your home, such as pool tables, arcade games, and pianos, you will want to hire a professional specialty moving company.
First, make a list and know which specialty pieces you are moving. Take inventory of every item that needs special services, whether it’s with a flatbed truck, a specialty moving company, or other special equipment. Having this figured out beforehand can make the process much easier. It can also help you determine an accurate budget.
You may also want to consider taking advantage of specialty moving materials. In addition to moving equipment, specialty moving materials, such as crates or wood pallets, can be a good option for making sure your prized possessions arrive at the new home safely. Even when you work with professionals you can still move what you can. For example, you can remove the pockets on the pool table or legs on a larger table and pack and move these separately.

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